1. Where can I get more information about the Recapitalization transaction?

Yellow Media completed a recapitalization transaction significantly reducing the Company’s debt and improving its maturity profile. Click here for more information.

2. What are the Company's publicly traded securities and what are their tickers?

All securities are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the following tickers:

  • Y - Common Shares 
  • Y.WT - Warrants
  • YPG.DB - Senior Subordinated Exchangeable Debentures


3. Where can I find the most recent financial results of the company?

For the latest published financial documents visit the Financial Reports section.

4. What are the upcoming financial reporting dates?

Visit the Investor Calendar section of our corporate website for the Company’s reporting calendar and for other upcoming events:

For the latest published financial documents visit the Financial Reports section of this website.

5. Who is part of Yellow Media Limited's executive leadership team?

Visit the Management Team page for detailed information.

6. To contact us or our Transfer Agent

Yellow Media Limited
16 Place du Commerce
Île des Soeurs
Verdun (Québec)
H3E 2A5

Investor Relations
Toll Free Number: 1 877 YLO-2003 (1 877 956-2003)
Email: IR.info@yp.ca

Transfer Agent
Canadian Stock Transfer Company Inc. as administrative agent for CIBC Mellon Trust Company
Answer Line: 1 800 387-0825
E-Mail Inquiries: inquiries@canstockta.com
2001 University Street, Suite 1600
Montreal, Québec H3A 2A6

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