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Mediative Releases Key Insights into the Online Purchasing Power of Women

Montreal (Quebec), February 8, 2012 – Though the Internet is a global entity, not all users are identical. Mediative , a Yellow Pages Group company, compiled research that clearly highlights how factors such as culture, age and particularly gender, affect online purchasing behaviour. Two client case studies are provided to showcase how these findings can help Marketers better target women and harness their purchasing power. Specifically, the case studies include a U by Kotex® with Walmart campaign and a Diaper Finder shopping tool program.

In North America, women represent 50.4 percent of all Internet users over the age of 18, making them a significant group of purchasers for retailers, particularly with 68 percent using digital coupons. In 2010, women accounted for 49.8 percent of the US online population, yet made up 61.1 percent of all online purchases and 58.2 percent of online spending. In terms of number of buyers, transactions and dollars, women are the largest e-commerce contributors, yet Marketers continue to overlook the considerable impact that women have on online purchasing decisions.

“It is not surprising that women have purchasing power. What’s interesting is how the internet has enabled women to connect, research and make convenient purchases more than they did before,” stated Mediative's President, Patrick Lauzon. “Understanding who these women are, what they do, where they go, and what trends exist in the online context is the distinguishing factor in maximizing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.”

Three segments have been examined: Young Women, Digital Moms, and Professionals. The findings demonstrate clear behavioural differences between each segment, as well as different channels and tools best used to communicate with each. Here is a closer look at some facts:

Young Women

  • 86 percent of women less than 30 years of age have profiles on social networking sites.
  • Are more likely to look at consumer-generated content than middle-aged women – 28 percent versus 10 percent.

Digital Moms

  • Make up 84 percent of all mothers and have used at least two Web 2.0 technologies in the last three months.
  • More than 50 percent use email, search engines, social networks, SMS, instant messaging, gaming, and news sites.


  • In 2010, professional women spent nearly 2.5 hours online per day.
  • Most of their Internet usage takes place at work, and on average, they shop online 10 times a month usually between 12 pm and 1 pm, go on social media sites 18 times a month, and casually surf the Internet 30 times a month.

“We launched Mediative to enhance the marketing campaigns of clients and advertisers by connecting them with the right consumers in the most cost-efficient and innovative ways,” added Patrick Lauzon. “We strongly believe that through research and analysis of trends, we are better positioned to truly drive results to our clients’ bottom line.”

For a more in-depth look at the research and the results from the successful campaigns launched with Walmart and the Diaper Finder program, download the full study . To view the list of sources, click here .

About Mediative
Mediative is one of North America's largest integrated advertising and digital marketing companies, specializing in maximizing the online presence of some of the world's most respected brands. Mediative's best-in-class digital media strategists and experts serve national agencies and advertisers through its two divisions: YPG Ad Network and Mediative Performance. Mediative covers all print, search, display and social networks to drive performance marketing for clients across the entire buying cycle, from brand awareness to lead generation and sales. The company also integrates data, media networks and technology to help advertisers, publishers and retailers connect with audiences. Mediative has over 150 employees across four Canadian offices: Montreal, Toronto, Kelowna and Vancouver. Mediative is a division of Yellow Pages Group. For more information, visit .

Media contact:
Aline Badr
Senior Corporate Communications Manager

Mohamed Kahlain
VP, Marketing and Product Innovation

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