Supporting Small Businesses

Support for Southern Alberta and Lac-Mégantic

In line with our ongoing commitment as a company is to support the growth and prosperity of Canada’s small businesses and subsequently, contribute to healthy, thriving neighbourhoods, we contributed to the relief efforts following the flooding that took place this summer in Southern Alberta and the tragic events of Lac-Mégantic in Québec.

Small business owners from these regions are challenged with rebuilding and sustaining their establishments which have suffered, on different scales, from these disasters.

In support of relief efforts in Southern Alberta, we immediately donated $25,000 to the Canadian Red Cross and an additional $25,000 following the Lac-Mégantic events. Additionally, we set up an online portal for our 3,000 employees across Canada to be able to make their personal contributions to either cause. We also devoted all remaining digital marketing inventory for a three week period to the Canadian Red Cross, free of charge, to help them promote their donations pages for both disasters, including a takeover of our flagship search engine, part of our online network.

As a company, we also took measures to do our share in helping to rebuild the local community. We had an extraordinary team of Yellow Pages Group employees from our Calgary office who volunteered with the Calgary Drop-In Centre to assist with neighbourhood cleanup efforts. We also supported the grassroots #yycisopen effort across our social media properties to encourage people to shop and visit Calgary, post-flooding. And we later sponsored the same initiative when it became part of Calgary Economic Development, through the donation of free advertising space across our various web properties for month-long period.

Disasters often force business owners to shift their investments towards repairing and replacing physical assets rather than advancing business operations. With this in mind, we took some extra steps as a marketing service provider to support our clients and allow them to concentrate their efforts on recovery.

We also refunded all pre-issued invoices for the month of July and cancelled all remaining invoices through to the end of 2013 for all clients in High River and Lac Mégantic directly affected by either tragedy but we’ll be maintaining their existing marketing campaigns and services for free until the end of the year.

Additionally, recognizing the indirect impacts of these events on other communities, we also postponed billing for a three month period (July, August, September) for all businesses in neighbouring areas.

Both people and companies can make choices that positively impact their communities. It’s our hope that through these various contributions Yellow Pages Group can help small businesses get back on their feet and continue contributing to the sustainability of Canada’s neighbourhoods.