Community Impact

For over 100 years, Yellow Pages has championed the growth of small businesses and local economies, through its business operations and community activities. We support and develop initiatives throughout Canada that highlight the important role of small businesses in our communities. We also favour activities that ultimately contribute to the creation of healthy, thriving neighbourhoods.


Our Commitment 

The stores, shops and services that line our streets form the hearts of our neighbourhoods. While in constant evolution, the ways in which we access and interact with our neighbourhoods may have changed, but the commitment we have to their growth has not.

Yellow Pages believes in championing the success and growth of Canadian small business. Being local ourselves, we support activities that embody our long-term commitment to contribute to strong local economies and thriving neighbourhoods.


Our Specific Commitments:

  • Promote local shopping and its social, economic and environmental benefits
  • Promote local economies
  • Support small businesses


Shop The Neighbourhood

A Yellow Pages campaign that encourages local shopping and support for small businesses, culminating in a local shopping day. It aims to promote and raise awareness of the important role local commerce plays in creating healthy, thriving neighbourhoods.

Yellow Pages presents MTL Ensemble

It starts with an idea. With passion, dedication and hard work, these ideas fuel start-ups around the world that push the boundaries of innovation and technology. Yellow Pages is a proud sponsor of MTL Ensemble, an event that brings together top entrepreneurial speakers and the regional edition of the 1776 Challenge Cup. 

Canada Olympic Excellence Day

Every sport has its athletes, every athlete has their neighbourhood. The fields where they played soccer, the community rink where they learned to skate. Yellow Pages is proud to sponsor Canada Olympic Excellence Day, a celebration of our Olympic athletes and the passion that begins at home. 

Supporting Small Businesses

Yellow Pages believes in championing local Canadian small business success and growth. We take part in a series of activities that embody our long-term commitment to strong local economies and thriving neighbourhoods.

Investing in our neighbourhood

Each neighbourhood has its own unique character shaped by its well-established small businesses, as well as the people who live there. Together, they set the tone for our community – a great place to live, work and play.