Only a few years ago, we were a single product company. Now we’re multi-product, multi-platform and multi-channel. We already have a significant digital presence in the Canadian marketing landscape which we plan to grow. Investing in innovation and talent are going to be key drivers of our transformation moving forward.

Nicolas Gaudreau Chief Marketing Officer

our digital presence /

309,000 advertisers /

61% of all advertisers purchased digital products
18,000 online only advertisers

penetration of 360° solution /

16.5% of advertisers purchased three products or more
24,600 advertisers purchased mobile products
14,500 websites sold
46,600 mobile units or products sold
12,300 search engine solutions units sold

online reach /

9 million unduplicated unique visitors to our network of websites
5 million downloads and counting of our mobile applications
Reaching 32% of Canada's online population every month
+2,500 software developers enrolled in and powering their mobile applications with content from YPG's database of 1.5 million business listings

strong national footprint /

Sales force of 1,100 media consultants and sales support staff across Canada

traffic & distribution partnerships /

to name a few